Recovery Time

After riding across the US in 2012, I experienced an injury to my right thumb/wrist area. I was pretty sold that the uncomfortable sensation I felt in that region, was as a result of me spending 912+ hours on the bike. I simply figured it would go away. I was very wrong.

After “ignoring” the stiff, throbbing thumb and wrist, for five long years I finally decided to get it checked out. After two X-Rays and an MRI, it revealed I have a torn ligament in my thumb. After consulting numerous surgical and physical therapy options¬†with my doc, we decided to go the physical therapy route. In addition to six weeks of physical therapy, he also suggested I take six weeks off of work to fully give the area rest.

This is the first time over ten years, that I had this much time off to recover. During this time, I am in full recalibration mode. Focusing on my mental and physical health. I plan on the next couple weeks to be completely recharged, healed and ready to move forward with many extremely important areas of my life.

Here’s a couple pics from PT, thus far: