Beginning at age seven, I struggled with a severe stuttering problem. I was bullied and made fun of for years, throughout his elementary, junior high school, and high school years.

My life became even more difficult. At age eighteen, I was diagnosed with cancer. A year of chemotherapy left me with pneumonia, blood clots in my lungs and congestive heart failure at just nineteen years old.

I was given a death sentence by my cardiologist at the time, BUT I didn’t give up.

Just 24 months after receiving the news from my cardiologist, using the same legs that had previously atrophied due to chemotherapy, I went on to run and complete the 2009 San Francisco Half marathon.

In 2012, I rode 3,168 miles across the United States on a road bicycle.
I would tell anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer or any other disease to never let go of their dreams. Cancer is a very powerful word, but it is not strong enough to stop anyone from achieving their dreams and goals.

Today I am able to share my story, inspire as many people as possible, not just with cancer, but anyone that is faced with a challenge, be at work or in their personal lives.